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Swipe - Evan Angler You can read all my reviews at Alluring reads.Swipe was a refreshing surprise to me. I was a little nervous going into it, as it is the first Middle Grade novel that I have read for the blog and it is marketed as Religious but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Swipe is a fast-paced novel full of suspense, mystery and some great twists. Evan Angler has given this story the perfect pacing and I was engrossed in the story from page one.It's a dystopian novel that tells of a world that is separated into two unions, the American Union and the European union. Each Union is run by it's own general and there has been a program implemented within called The Mark Program. On each citizens 13th birthday they receive a mark on their wrist that allows them to become contributing members of society (purchase goods, get jobs etc.) When Logan's sister Lily doesn't return home from getting her mark Logan becomes paranoid that someone is watching him. As with any regulated government program there are dissenters, the "markless", these people refuse to get the mark and live in a secluded area known as "Slog Row."The rich dystopian setting made for a truly interesting read. From the tables in restaurants being interactive electronic newspapers to the price of land being so high that houses are built vertically with up to 20 floors, 1 room being on each floor. It was details like that that made Swipe such a great read, I didn't feel as if there were any holes in the plot that made me question how the state of the world came to be. It is labelled as Religious and Christian and though there are definitely possible undertones in the characters motivations it is very light in that area. Though hinted at, it never takes centre stage.The characters within Swipe were people that I connected with and felt for. The intensity with which Logans paranoia is portrayed made me feel bad for this young boy who was constantly looking over his shoulder. I also felt for Erin, and completely understood her mission of getting her family back together. Though I did question Mrs. Arbitors reasoning for not joining her family in their move to Spokie I imagine that there were probably problems in the marriage to begin with. Swipe is a really good MG dystopian novel that I definitely recommend giving a try because it just may surprise you as it did me. I will be anxiously awaiting the follow-up in the series, Sneak, which will be released in Fall of this year.