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Dirty Blood

Dirty Blood - Heather Hildenbrand Dirty Blood is a fun, captivating ride that will leave you swooning into the night. There were parts of this novel where I questioned the actions of some of the characters. For instance, Tara getting into a car with a complete stranger who just showed up in her bedroom and going God knows where, but in the end all of that was forgivable because the story was THAT damn good! Tara was a great MC, she was sassy, intelligent, and tried her hardest to be as independent as possible. She was also quite resourceful, up until reading this I had never thought of using a plunger as a weapon and I thank Heather for bringing that option to my attention. Wes was the perfectly sexy, rough, and tough guy and the scenes between him and Tara had me begging for everything to go just a little farther (did I get my wish? You'll have to read it and see!) The supporting characters in Dirty Blood are also well developed and I liked every single one. Jack and Fee were so sweet, and their strong, assured stance in their position of power had even me looking up to them. This novel really prospers in the werewolf/hunter lore that it creates. It gives them a fresh new history that has not been seen anywhere before. The tales are rich and engaging. I often find myself bored with back story, but this kept me wanting to learn more as it was totally new and interesting. There are also a few twists and turns along the way that made reading it that much more fun.I highly recommend giving Dirty Blood a go, it's a strong start to a promising series.