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Angel eyes (Angel Eyes Novel)

Angel Eyes - Shannon Dittemore You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.I have had some great luck with angel books. I know a lot of people tend to shy away from them because they haven't been so lucky, but when I was asked to join the Angel Eyes blog tour, I didn't even hesitate. Now, I'm not religious, I won't go into my whole belief system but just know that I am not big on Godly talk and all that jazz. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel! I ate it up in one day and have very few complaints. The love story was sweet, the MC had her head firmly planted on her shoulders and it made me laugh. I was captivated and drawn in with the fresh take on angel lore, though the last 50 pages did feel very dragged out to me.As I was reading I came to all these conclusions in my head about who Jake was and what purpose he was going to serve in Brielle's life and every one of them was wrong. This story put a new spin on the typical angel story which I really appreciated. The characters were relateable and I felt so sad for Brielle. What she went through when she lived in the city was terrible and the fact that she blamed herself was heart wrenching. Watching her come back from that dark place made for an enthralling read that I was totally invested in.When Brielle meets Jake her life starts to look up, she goes from a cold, dark place to feeling warmth and getting back to who she was. At first Jake totally creeped me out, I thought for sure he was going to be another typical stalker boy, you know, the creepy ones that are way too popular in YA these days. But he was a pleasant surprise and in the end I really liked him. The story of his life was interesting to say the least, and as it unfolded it added a profound amount of depth to his character.Angel Eyes, in case you couldn't tell from the cover, is pretty heavy on the religion. There is no undertone here, it is the central part of the story and all actions and reactions revolve around it. This may not be the book for everyone because of that, but I was surprised to find myself really enjoying it. My one complaint is that the final battle felt completely dragged out, every time I thought it was over, someone else popped up and I would find myself groaning and wishing it would wrap up. Overall I thought this was a great read with some fantastic characters. It is the beginning of a trilogy, so there is a lot more to come. I'll definitely be looking out for the other books in this series as I am excited to see more of Jake & Brielle and find out more about where all the characters come from.