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Hater - David Moody You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.Hater is my most recent foray into adult horror novels and has further solidified my love for the genre. This one catches your eye by the simple, bloodstained cover and once you read the back you can tell it must be good. It talks of how David Moody published the story online in 2006 and without an agent managed to sell film rights for it to Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labrynth, The Orphanage, Hellboy) How epic is that right? I love Mr. Del Toro's movies and his imagery is hauntingly beautiful. I think that little bit of information may have added to my enjoyment of the novel. Every scene I was picturing in my head playing out on the big screen.We meet Danny who works in a Parking Fine Processing office and the lazy, uncaring feeling achieved in the first few chapters was very reminiscent of Sean of the Dead and Office Space for me. I knew I was in for something good when those references came to mind. Not only does Danny have the job but he is also a family man. With 3 loud children and an overbearing wife, his home life is not much more happy than his work life. Meeting the family we are also treated to interspersed little chapters from other peoples perspectives who are facing random acts of violence on the streets. What was so creepy about Hater for me was that it wasn't your typical zombie novel, as I was expecting. These people are not the dead coming back to life in search of brains. Haters are people going about their everyday life when they have a moment of pause and are overwhelmed with a feeling of self preservation. One moment everything is fine and dandy, and in the blink of an eye they realize that if they do not kill whomever is closest to them, they will be the one who is killed. You don't know when it's going to happen, it could be the old lady on the train, or the janitor at work, or even your own beautiful, seemingly innocent child. Moody achieves the highest level of paranoia in this novel perfectly, I was questioning everyone!The story had the perfect flow, we meet Danny and his family and have time to come to care about them. Once everything gets out of control I truly cared about this family and how what was going on would affect them. I will say that it went in a completely different direction than I was anticipating and that was awesome! Once we get into the mind of a hater I was salivating for more. Do we get all the answers? No, I still don't really know exactly what is causing this change in people but I do know that Mr. Moody has set the grounds for an epic war to come in the follow up, Dog Blood.