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Hex Hall

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins You can read all of my reviews at Alluring ReadsHex Hall wasn't exactly the most original read, but it was a satifying read none the less. Sophie Mercer is a witch who grew up with a bit of a disadvantage, she was estranged from her warlock father and raised by her normal mother. Her naive use of her magic gets her into trouble and she is sentenced to Hecate (Hex) Hall until she is 18 years old. At Hex Hall Sophie starts piecing the missing parts of her life together and she finds out that she is in fact, a pretty important person.This was a pretty fast read and it had a great flow to it. Things start out quickly and keep getting more and more interesting as it goes on. I liked the various "prodigium" living at Hecate Hall, there is witches, shifters, faeries and vampires. The visuals presented in this novel are pretty neat from the look of the faeries to the haunting welcome video that is presented to new students. The fresh, youthful voice of Sophie Mercer was appealing and downright funny at times. I loved her lighthearted approach to the turn her life had takenand her snide thoughts about the people around her had me laughing out loud. Elodie, Anna and Chastain were pretty typical "mean girls" and I liked that Sophie held her own against them and didn't succumb to their relentless bullying. Asher was a character that I never got that "swoon" for, maybe I wasn't supposed to, I'm not sure. All in all this was a good, fast read and if you have the time you should definitely give it a look. I'm excited to read the next books in this series as it kind of goes out with a bang!