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V is for Virgin

V is for Virgin - Kelly Oram You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.I had a lot of fun reading V is for Virgin. I had gone into it expecting a light, fluffy read and that’s exactly what I got. We meet Valerie as she is on a date with her boyfriend, as the night goes on things get pretty hot and heavy and of course he wants to head upstairs to his bedroom. At that point Val breaks the news to him that she has no intention of having sex with him and that she is saving herself for marriage. And then he dumps her. This sets off a series of events that includes a viral YouTube video, fights with the Queen Bee at school and even some rock stars make appearances.Valerie was an awesome character! I loved how she had a voice & opinions and she was not afraid to let them out. She was snarky and sassy, I definitely found myself rooting for her on her mission. She didn’t set out on an easy task, getting high school virgins to admit it and be proud and getting non-virgins to take an abstinence challenge isn’t exactly a popular mission at her age. I loved how she brought her love for designing jewelry into the mix as well. The whole time she was planning her campaign I found myself snickering and thinking that no one would be open to something like that, but the way that their willingness to join into the V is for Virgin campaign was written really well and it didn’t feel fake at all. Of course, as you see from the blurb, in walks the year’s Sexiest Man Alive and he makes it his mission to get Virgin Val’s v-card. Not only is Kyle, the rock star pining for Val but we also have the schools resident popular boy, Isaac going for her as well. These boys are polar opposites. And that is one part of the story that did feel forced to me. Isaac was just way too perfect with his religious ways and his chivalry (which is not a bad thing of course.) I guess what I mean is that while Isaac, who was the “good boy”, was way too over the top good, Kyle, the “bad boy” was way too over the top bad. I didn’t buy into Val & Isaac’s relationship at all, at any point in the novel, because I didn’t believe Isaac. Nobody is that good all the damn time. On the other hand, I did find Kyle pretty sexy, he had the arrogant guy role down pat but at times his arrogance even pushed my buttons a bit too much. What really stuck out to me as far as relationships go in this novel is the friendships. I adored the scenes where Val was with her best friend Cara, they had this great relationship based on brutal honestly and sarcasm, it was great! As Val branches out she makes some other pretty great friendships as well, I really liked Robin and Stephanie. I even enjoyed the doofus jocks that were hanging around in the background and the witty banter that came along with it. I think here is also where I would technically classify Val & Isaac’s relationship as well, if I had my way. In no way did it feel romantic to me; it definitely felt like it was a friendship that didn’t manage to cross the line. My favorite part of this novel has to be the epilogue. I am so content with how it wrapped up and flipped the last page with a silly grin splayed across my face. With it’s funny undertones and strong, determined protagonist, I think V is for Virgin will satisfy a lot of readers looking for a book resembling some classic teen movies we all love so much.A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.