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Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea - Rebecca Hart You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.Actual rating is 3.5.I have to be honest here, I went into this not expecting much, that cover was a total turn off for me. I'm still not a fan of the cover, and it's really too bad because I do think that it will be a turn off for potential readers (covers matter!) The story behind this cover was exceptionally good, I'll admit I had a hard time walking away from it to get stuff done around my house. Within these pages is a great paranormal romance tale that will most definitely take you by surprise.I am not one for historical books, as a matter of fact I tend to run from them like the plague but the idea of pirates and a kickass heroine sucked me in. To show how little I knew going into this novel I'll let you in on a secret; I thought "selkie" was another name for a pirate! Well, as you can deduce, when I realised that one of our MC's was a seal and he shifted into a human I was more than a little surprised. As I mentioned the thing that drew me to this story was how strong I pictured Elysandra Winters to be and she was just that. Ellie had the strength to go after what she wanted even though she had an immense amount of obstacles in her way. In that time women were seen as bad luck on a ship and her dream was to work on a ship, despite this she went after her dream and became a well respected privateer. She was also very protective of her heart, she wasn't about to give it to just anyone and in my eyes Daniel was the right guy for that. Daniel was a sweet, caring character that I fell for almost immediately. Yes, he was half seal and that was kind of weird but his intense need to protect Ellie at all cost's was endearing. The romance between these two is quite sweet and it grows very strong, leading to a very 18+ scene, so this one is definitely not for the kiddos! One thing that I longed for in this character was more knowledge of his selkie side. Often Daniel thought about how, when in his seal form, he was paying his debt for the year, but this debt is never explained. I would have liked to have known more of the selkie lore so that I knew exactly what he was referring to.The novel has great pacing and it keeps you sucked in but the ending felt quite abrupt and rushed. There was so much substance in the middle when they were back in Newquay and then their final mission is limited to very few pages. I would have liked to have seen more of a struggle to achieve their goal, after all that build up I felt a little robbed by the ending. Despite my few complaints I still recommend this one to anyone looking for something a little different. The premise was unique and the story was engrossing.A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.