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In Honor

In Honor - Jessi Kirby You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.I've been hearing a lot of good things about road trip novels, and when I told anyone that I had never read one I always got a very suprised response and was told to read on ASAP. Well I read my first road trip novel, it was In Honor and it was so much fun! This was a super quick read at just over 200 pages and I loved every page. There are a lot of details in this novel that weren't exactly original such as Rusty resembling Tim Riggins so much and Kyra Kelley is quite obviously the books version of Taylor Swift, "...it was perfect that Kyra was singing a song about a no-good, small-town guy who was just plain mean.", "... And with Kyra Kelley who was singing about wishing she'd never had to grow up." Taylor Swifts "Mean" and "Never Grow Up", anyone? So, while it's not the most original story I've ever read all the components are there for a fun engrossing read.Honor was a great main character, and seeing the story through her eyes was great. She had been through a lot, lost both of her parents at a young age and became quite attached to her brother Finn. When Finn dies in the line of duty she takes his first and only handwritten letter that she receives as a sort of last wish for him that she must fulfill. She takes the two concert tickets that he sends and sets out on a mission to tell Kyra Kelley about how great her brother is. I felt her pain at losing the most important person in the world to her, and I understood her need to completely one last thing in his honor. Of course the trip doesn't go exactly as planned and when Finn's old best friend Rusty joins the trip things get interesting.Rusty's hot, that's all there is to it. As someone who was addicted to Friday Night Lights the parallels to the hottie that is Tim Riggins are quite obvious. He's a down-home country footballer who has his demons in his past and finds refuge in a bottle of booze. But underneath that exterior you just know that he cares more than you can ever know, and the little glimpses he gives to his sweet side make you weak in the knees. There's something about the taming of the typical bad boy that is so enticing. Every girl wants to be the one to tame him, the one he finally settles down for. As Rusty's true intentions become clear in the novel you can't help but actually "awww" out loud.Honor and Rusty's trip is an adventure that anyone would love to go on. They get opportunities to do things they never thought they would, and they deal with their grief as a pair. In Honor has the perfect balance of sadness, romance and fun. It is a novel that can easily be read in a single sitting and takes you through its own array of emotions, so if you are heading for a day at the beach this summer I definitely think you should pack this in your beach bag.