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Becoming A Butterfly

Becoming a Butterfly - Mia Castile You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.Becoming A Butterfly was an awesome surprise to me. I literally devoured this book, I ate it up in one sitting and it left a stupid grin splayed across my face. This book, right off the bat, touched me because I felt as if it was written about me. When I was 13 I had an embarrassing occurrence that this book mirrors quite well. I won't go into it, but once you read the book I'm sure you will be able to deduce the hairy details. It's so easy to go online, and become someone your not. You don't think about the repercussions on those around you, and it feels good to finally be who you want to be.Lacey was such a wreck, she was clumsy and dare I say, dorky. The embarrassing things that happened to her were just so heartbreaking and I totally felt for her. What I admired most about her were her ways of handling it. She got up, dusted herself off and moved on. Even when people were shouting things at her in the hallways she would come up with a witty retort and she had me laughing out loud. Her strong relationship with Tasha and Jade was awesome, we saw it go through the peaks and valleys and it felt like a real group of friends. Yes, they loved each other dearly but they had their disagreements and handled them well.The love story in Becoming A Butterfly created butterflies in me! I loved Chase, sure he was blackmailing her (in a very light way) but there was always that sexy mystery about him. His life was something I was so interested in delving into, he had all this money in his family but seeing him on the street or working in his fathers auto shop, you would never know. Of course there is a love triangle (it's not often these days in YA fiction that there isn't, thanks a lot Twilight!) and this one drove me mad. I hated Henry, he was a user and a fake. I really had no need for him and I wanted to smack Lacey every time she even thought his name. But, in the end that's what kept me reading, my intense longing for the moment that light bulb would go on above her head and she would ride off in the distance with chase on his Honda.There are some heavy issues touched upon in this novel and I think Mia handled them wonderfully. I don't want to go into the details as I want it to be as new to you as it was to me reading the novel. But just know that you are going to be reading some tough scenes and this book will break your heart.Becoming A Butterfly was a great read and I can't wait to read more in the series. I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for an Alluring Read.