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Crazy Dangerous

Crazy Dangerous - Andrew Klavan You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.Crazy Dangerous starts off with a bang. When I read the opening page of this book I found myself grinning and knew I was in for a wild ride. We start off in the mind of Sam Hopkins the local preachers kid in the small town of Sawnee, as he explains how he became the bloodied, mangled, almost dead body on the side of the road. That's a bang if ever there was one, right? He explains to us how he is sick of being known as the PK (preachers kid) in town and of people acting differently towards him because of it. So Sam makes a bad decision and he starts running with a group of local thugs to show that he is not just an innocent PK.Sam Hopkins was a great MC, through him the novel is written in a very informal way, it felt as if I was simply having a conversation with him throughout. The story had a great flow and I found myself eating up the pages really fast. He felt real, and I believed the predicament he was facing in trying to get out of the mold he grew up in. I knew that he wasn't going about any of it the right way, but I totally understood his motives. Come on, if the characters in stories always did the right thing, they wouldn't be very interesting. The POV is shared with Jennifer Sales, a loner from Sam's school who talks in tongues and acts strange. The parts from her perspective were haunting to say the least. She is constantly bothered by demons lurking and telling her about terrible things to come. I was fascinated by Jennifer, every time she talked we got to try to decipher what she was seeing and saying and it really added a depth to the mystery of the story. The whole time you know there is truth in what she is saying, but unravelling where it is coming from made for an intense read.There are religious undertones here, but I found that they really added to the story in a good way and it didn't feel as if the author was beating me over the head with a bible. All in all I really enjoyed Crazy Dangerous, it's well written and has some great mystery. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an Alluring Read.