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Deadly Cool

Deadly Cool  - Gemma Halliday You can see all my reviews at http://alluringreads.blogspot.com/ "As an eff-you to my crappy mood I put on a pair of skinny jeans, some sparkly silver flats, and a loose T-shirt with silver sequins all over..." That quote about sums up what I liked about this book. In a novel that feels drawn out and repetitive the only thing that kept me reading was the smart-mouthed protagonist, Hartley. From the beginning I knew I was definitely not in for an emotion evoking tale, but I did have hopes that the suspense of it all would have me on the edge of my seat. Boy, was I sorely mistaken! There are so many moments of complete absurdity that I found myself shaking my head at the ridiculousness of it all (Hartley going to meet Deep Blogger... by herself... at midnight... then doing it AGAIN!). I feel as though Gemma Halliday tried to create a spark between Hartley and Chase whilst still trying to have us empathise with what was between her and Josh, but I wasn't feeling either of them. We knew so little of Chase that we could not connect with him at all and Josh was so much of a douche bag that any time she was near him it just felt dirty. I definitely won't be recommending this book to anyone looking for a good read, and Hartleys witty banter just won't be enough for me to pick up the sequel (Social Suicide).