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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver You can read all of my reviews at Alluring ReadsI am officially a huge fan of Lauren Oliver. This is the second novel of hers that I have read in the last week and I am once again blown away! Her way with words is absolutely stunning. The world she built in Delirium is so rich that I could feel the smoldering heat and smell the ash coming in with the wind. This is definitely what some would consider 'slow' but it is so rich in detail that I lapped up every word and didn't feel once like I was waiting for something to happen. Delirium takes place in a secluded United States of America where they have found a cure for 'amor deliria nervosa' or love. Love is seen as a disease that wraps its tentacles around your throat, makes you crazy and eventually leads you to death. Love is terminal. Our main character Lena has a history that's not exactly great. She's raised to follow the rules and get in line. She can't wait to reach 18 so she can be 'cured' of the disease. As her world changes we see Lena grow, we see her eyes open as she pulls away at the smoke and mirrors she has been surrounded with for so long. I really liked Lena, she was a smart character who had her head on her shoulders. I actually liked all the characters in this book. The great thing about it is every character has such a different dynamic, they don't blend together at all, they stand out on their own and I love that. Alot of times I find in books that the characters tend to act the same and I have a hard time believing it, but not in Lauren Olivers books.The love story in this book is fantastic, it's illegal and forbidden, yet it feels so right, I loved every second of it. But this isn't only a love story, it's about friendship, family and passion. Imagine if once you turned 18 everything you cared about was forgotten as if your whole life never happened. I will definitely be recommending Delirium to anyone looking for an Alluring Read.