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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Going into Pivot Point I was pretty wary because of all the great reviews I had been seeing for it. This novel was quickly becoming a favorite amongst my Goodreads friends and in the past that has often left me feeling like the black sheep when I don’t have the same pull to the story as they do. As I delved into the unique world Kasie West has conjured up I quickly got lost in the story and was fascinated by the blend of paranormalcy and normalcy.Addison has grown up living in a Compound that to us “normal” people is just a mountain range in Texas. Inside is thousands of people who have superpowers of the mind. There’s telekinesis, memory swiping, lie detecting and even Addie’s elusive Divergence. I immediately fell in love with the idea that this compound is hidden in plain sight but what really had my eyes wide was the mingling of the paranormals amongst the normals. The government officials planted to keep the Compound in the know and the para’s planted for the sole reason of keeping the Compound contained and it’s secrets classified. The world building was great and I loved getting to experience both sides of it. So in the beginning of the story Addie is told by her parents that they are getting a divorce and with her father going to live amongst the normals and her mother remaining in the Compound she had to choose who she wanted to live with. Cue her power, Divergence, so we delve into alternating chapters of her seeing the path of living with her father and the path of living with her mother. This is a big undertaking and not an easy storytelling device to pull off but West did it wonderfully. I especially loved how elements of each path would pop up in each one. For instance a man coming to knock on Addie’s friend, Laila’s, door happened when she was over there visiting if she stayed with her mom, whereas if she went with her dad it happened while they were on the phone. Little occurrences like that were always exciting because you could see just how close the two paths were.Speaking of Laila, I have to say here that the friendship between Addie and Laila was awesome. They were so in tune with one another and their banter had me laughing so many times. It almost reminded me of Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls (though they were mother and daughter) but just how they knew each other so well and had all these inside jokes was awesome. Of course there is also romance here and two to boot! I really liked Trevor, he was such a sweet, soft spoken guy and I loved him for that. I loved how his character had so many layers; he hung out with all the jocks but he had a soft side that he only let Addie in on and those moments were so sweet. I was never really of big fan of Duke because he was just way too damn full of himself but Addie’s romance with him was definitely interesting and full of great twists and turns.In the end I was left a little underwhelmed by the sense of desperation and heartbreak I think I was supposed to feel because I just couldn’t process why Addie didn’t just sit back and say “OK well I just have to make sure that I do things differently.” I mean sure she saw how her life would go on the two paths, but all I can think is that all she had to do was choose one and do things differently to change the outcome she had seen. You know, butterfly effect and all that jazz. I guess I am supposed to just ignore that and deal with what I am given in the story but I can’t help but wonder why she couldn’t have just gone on that path and done things differently. Despite some issues I had with the end this was definitely an enjoyable read. I loved the world building and I loved the relationships between the characters. Things are wrapped pretty nicely when all is said and done but even though there is no painful cliffhanger we are given just enough to want to see where these characters go in the next book. If you can shut off your mind and just take it for what it is, not think too intently about it, this is one fun ride that anyone will enjoy. An Advanced Reader's Copy was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.--You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.