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Blind Spot

Blind Spot - Laura Ellen You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.I feel the need to start off this review by saying that Laura Ellen's Blind Spot was a strange beast for me. I sat down on a Sunday morning and was thrown into this world that I had quite a few issues with. I couldn't find one redeeming character in the bunch & as I look back their actions are just baffling, as well, the pacing was all over the place. That being said, I couldn't put it down. I read it in a single sitting and I was very engrossed in the mystery and all of the WTF moments that occurred. Let me start by talking about the characters. I don't think we were supposed to like them, I mean Roswell (Roz) our MC was about as unlikeable as they come. She starts off the novel on the first day of a new school year and as she follows the map she had made for herself to her first class, she realizes that she is headed into a class in the Special Education wing of her high school. Well, needless to say Roz is not very happy about being in a SPED class and as we experience the ordeal in her judgmental brain I was nervous I was going to get very offended. But luckily I wasn't and as I sit back I can understand where her emotions at the time and really throughout the story came from. Roz grew up being on sports teams, and in with the in-crowd at school only to find out that she suffers from Macular Degeneration and is legally blind. Her world fell apart when she got the diagnosis and she became very bitter. She refused the help that she needed because she had grown up being independent and self sufficient and that is probably about the hardest thing someone can have to give up. Now, even though I understood a lot of her motivation for how she was, that doesn't mean that I liked her. She made a lot of terrible decisions in this novel; lying to cops, constantly going back to a complete and utter douchebag, and using her friends to name a few. Roz's friends in this story weren't exactly people I was rooting for either, possibly Greg but he came across as pretty judgmental at times. The character that baffled me the most in this twisted tale was Rodney Dellian, Roz's Life Skills and AP History teacher. He came across as someone who was over the top cruel and sitting back and thinking about it I really can't place his actions and understand where he was coming from at all. I mean he was the Special Education teacher trying to enforce Roz's IEP on her and when she started to embrace one of the recommendations on the list he constantly penalized her for it to the point of suspension. The only thing that kept me reading about him was the fact that there was clearly something very fishy going on in his life and I am a super nosy person so I wanted to know.Now at this point you may be thinking "But Jenni, Blind Spot is a murder mystery, is it not? Why haven't you talked about it?" Well yes, and no. Through most of the story the murder mystery of it all took a back seat to the drama going on with Roz and her friends in this year of high school but that's not to say it wasn't always there. The seed is planted at the beginning and it's constantly growing throughout though it doesn't become the main focus of the novel until about the last quarter. Being pre-warned by previous reviews I was expecting it and definitely found myself getting lost in the drama of it all and I can safely say that I actually preferred the parts of the story that were not focusing on solving Tricia's murder. I enjoyed seeing the tangled web of sex & drugs at this high school and also enjoyed being inside Roz's head as she struggled to come to terms with her impairment.Going into Blind Spot looking for a riveting murder mystery will leave you sorely disappointed. However, if you go into it looking for an interesting look at a twisted group of kids you will definitely be entertained. This novel is chalk full of intensity and it definitely gets you lost within the pages.