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Don't Turn Around

Don't Turn Around - You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.If you're looking for an action packed thrill ride, Don't Turn Around is for you! I wasn't too sure what to expect going into this novel but the cover really sucked me in from the first moment I saw it. What I got was a mix of the movie Hackers and the Jason Bourne series, which was a very welcome blend. With that said, if you are looking for a story that will touch you emotionally, this one isn't for you. While I appreciated the pulse pounding action, it did feel like there was a bit too much adrenaline and not enough substance. First, I'll start with what I feel could use some work in this novel. The character development felt like it was put on the back burner and the focus left solely on the action. Noa was quite one dimensional to me . I understand that she had been through a lot and that resulted in her being quite reclusive but there were plenty of opportunities for us to have gotten a bit more emotion from her even if it was only when she was alone through her inner dialogue. Feeling the way I did about Noa I had thought that maybe I would be able to form a better bond with Peter, but he didn't merit any emotional connection from me either. Now for what I did like. There isn't really a romance to be had here, I had expected Noa and Peter to fall madly in love through their adventure, but surprisingly that did not happen. This was a welcome surprise for me! In YA it seems it is a must to have a romance in the story, but Michelle Gagnon has weaved a story that stands on its own two legs without angst or mushiness. I have read quite a few books lately where the love story has felt forced and out of place, it's quite rare to see an author in this genre basically leave it out.Where romance is lacking, mystery is there to take its place, and does it ever! I had so many questions throughout the book and while we didn't get all of the answers we were looking for in the end I still put the book down feeling completely satisfied. There are just enough loose ends to leave my mouth watering for the follow up in the series. I will definitely be looking for more character development and longing for more answers to my lingering questions. I highly recommend Don't Turn Around for anyone looking for a fast paced story chalk full of action.