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Embrace  - Jessica Shirvington You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.I always find myself quite wary going into an angel book. I'm always nervous that the story will delve too heavily into religion and that it will start to feel preachy and begin grating on my nerves. But, really, if I look back at my track record with such books it's actually been quite good. There is most often a unique spin put on everything and it often feels like religion takes a back seat to the drama and romance of the story. Embrace was no exception, the angel lore was utterly unique and the romance was downright swoon worthy. Upon finishing, I admit, I sat there and questioned myself over and over again about why I enjoyed it so much; it was pretty cliché and there was a very predominant love triangle but I think in this case those things just.... worked.Another thing that just worked for me in Embrace is the characters. Violet was a strong, snarky chick and I really enjoyed that about her. Her flip flopping between her emotions did get the odd eye roll from me but I always have to remind myself that I am reading about a teenage girl, having been one myself, I know all too well that flip flopping and heightened emotions is definitely par for the course. She was a thinker, I didn't find that she was too hasty in her decision making, which is always a relief as well. Her best friend Steph was someone that I enjoyed in every scene as well. Her little quips were hilarious! I do feel that she was way too quick to believe everything about the angels when Vi broke the news to her, I mean it took like 5 minutes for her to believe her. I would have definitely thought she was on some hard drugs before I believed any of the story.The real gem for me in this story was the romance. Yes, there was a love triangle but for me both of the love interests were pretty swoon worthy and I think I was just due for some good swooning. Phoenix was strong and protecting and while he did get a little possessive at times I could just feel how much he emotion he had for Vi. And Lincoln... LINCOLN.... I loved him. He was so sweet and thoughtful and he just pulled at my heartstrings all throughout. Normally the minute I sense a hint of a triangle I head for the hills but I think it was the set up here that made it work. I loved that we were brought into Vi & Lincoln's relationship once they already had a deep friendship going. That was a great call on the author's part because it didn't feel as if it was moving too fast at all, the foundation was already there and we got to watch it grow and change.Jessica Shirvington has got me hooked on this series with its pitch perfect pacing and swoon worthy romance. I sat down and before I knew it I had devoured 300 pages and was dreading the end of this fantastic story. I am happy to have read it this late though because as I look at my bookshelf, Entice is sitting there just waiting for me to pick it up and dive in, and I will be doing so very soon!A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.