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Memoirs of a Goldfish

Memoirs of a Goldfish - Devin Scillian, Tim Bowers Memoirs of a Goldfish was such a funny and heartwarming read! It's written as a daily account of Mr. Goldfish's tank being invaded by new decorations/plants/fish. I really like that the author chose to tell the story in journal form, the frankness of the entries elicited many laughs out of both my husband and I & especially our children.The illustrations are very adorable; the big, bug eyes on the fish and the wispy, lifelike plants were perfect. As the bowl gets filled up we even zoom in on the tank and it definitely lends to a claustrophobic feeling. Not only do we zoom in but the pages also get way more colourful and cheery. Once Goldfish is taken out of his tank for a cleaning the canvas is once again very white and colourless. I loved how well the illustrations conveyed the emotions of the writing, they were spot on in every possible way.I also loved the revelation Goldfish had in the end of the story when he was left alone in the silence. Seeing him learn to appreciate his company and even find love was a perfect ending to a very cute story. This was a very fun story to read and lent a perfect opportunity to get into character & really get into the story. I highly recommend this one for parents and children alike!