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Wicked Sweet

Wicked Sweet - Mar'ce Merrell You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Wicked Sweet was a light, easy read. There are some heavy underlying issues but overall it's pretty fluffy, though not annoyingly so. It's a split POV novel (those seem to be very popular nowadays) that switches between Chantal, Jillian, Parker and Will. Chantal and Jillian have grown up best friends and so have the boys. The chapters are extremely short in this novel, sometimes only a page, so at first the POV switching was hard to get into but as the story wore on I definitely got into it. While I do have some complaints about this one, I did quite enjoy it.The 4 main characters of this story all appeared to be emotionally scarred in their own way by the selfish actions of their parents. I don't think there was one adult in this book that really listened to their child and helped them out. Jillian's story is the most heartbreaking of all, she comes from a broken family where her mother doesn't give a crap about her or her 6 brothers and she refers to the men who come and go as Dad 1, Dad 2, Dad 3 and so on and so forth. The burden that is placed on her shoulders by her mother is really sad, she's a young kid and all summer she is forced to be the parent to her siblings when she should be out enjoying her last summer before she goes out into the real world. Yes I think that responsibility is important and her looking after the boys sometimes would have been a good thing, but I'm surprised those boys didn't call her mommy.Parker's story is the lightest of all, he comes from a rich family and their only fault is expecting too much of him. His parents expect him to fit into this cookie cutter mold set forth by his older brothers and never really ask him what he wants to do with his life. His life is a stark contrast to that of his best friend Will whose family isn't so put together. Will was a hard one for me to like, knowing that he was a bully and did terrible things to Chantal just because he "liked to watch her freak out" really turned me off of him. I can honestly say that I never even felt bad for him once when the revenge was being served on him.Chantal was the most confusing to me. She was a very smart girl and she came from a supportive family. What bugged me the most about her story was that she was obviously mentally unstable, she was not O.K. I think that at some point this should have been addressed in the story and it never was. Her mother's constant expectations of perfection and strict lifestyle clearly had a very negative effect on Chantal's thought patterns, and I felt that went largely unnoticed throughout the story.All in all, this was a good, light read. I enjoyed it even though it was far from perfect. I felt for the characters (even though others in the book did not) and I was interested in the rise of the Cake Princess.