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The Other Life

The Other Life - Susanne Winnacker You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.Actual rating: 3.5The Other Life falls into a category that I am finding very popular lately, it was a book that I wasn't enjoying too much but about halfway through I got sucked right into it. The novel starts out rather sluggishly as we meet Sherry and her family who have been contained in a bunker for 3 years following a rabies outbreak. The mood that is set inside the bunker had even me feeling claustrophobic, tensions were at an all time high and I totally believed that these people had been secluded for a ridiculous amount of time. For me it just took a while for the action to start, which may very well be because this is the first book in a series.The characters Susan Winnacker has weaved together are really quite good. The little reflections at the beginning of each chapter are perfect in showing us how Sherry has grown and just how much a young woman's life has changed. Sherry was a great MC, her desperation and worthy attempt at being someone much her senior was totally believable and I felt for her. The love interest that she meets, Joshua, is also someone that I thoroughly enjoyed and found myself rooting for. He wasn't just brawn and a love interest, he was pretty complex and as the layers get pulled away throughout the story you really connect with him. My only issue with these characters was that at times I found their dialogue to be not believable for the ages they were presented as being.The writing is very descriptive, the action scenes are so intense that they left knots in my stomach. The human mutations (zombies?) that are brought to life in The Other Life are scary! The Weepers are not only blood hungry but they are smart, they work together and horde their food. For me, that added to the intensity of it all, the villains actually had a method to their madness. This was a solid, dark read that really picked up in it's second wind. It ends quite abruptly and perfectly sets the scene for a smashing follow-up.