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Fairystruck (Songs of Magic, #3)

Fairystruck - J.L. Bryan You can read all my reviews at Alluring Reads.Fairystruck, the 3rd instalment in the Songs of Magic series by J.L. Bryan, is another book that I could not put down. This series has me longing for more, as it makes me laugh and intrigues me like no other series I've ever read. In this novel we get more of the amazing forays into Faerie and we get to go on tour with the now Rioting Zebras. The glitz and glamour they have been treated to at the hands of Marlarkay Records is stripped away and it felt as if they were a real band trying to make it on the road. My favourite part of Fairystruck is Aiode's innocent ignorance as she enters the man-world and learns about our "horseless man carriages" and barters her way around. She had me laughing out loud at times and my kids looking at me as if mommy had lost her marbles. The thing that has always stood out to me in this series is the vivid imagination of Mr. Bryan and the intricate attention to detail that brings it all together perfectly. Let me say, this one does not let up in that department, I will never look at teddy bears the same way again. The human side of things is getting more and more intertwined with the Otherworld and the scenarios that occur are utterly entertaining.The characters are strong as ever, I find myself attached to both Jason and Erin as they grow closer to each other. Their relationship didn't make too much progress in this one, but I feel like Erin and Zach's relationship took a few steps back which is a good start. I, once again, am left so curious about Erin and her link to the Faerie world. Katie is also brought to the foreground, and seeing her interactions with the dullahan were unsettling but added some very welcome viewpoints in the dullahans private quarters. Her home is an eerie place and a setting that I've craved more of since Fairy Metal Thunder.The Song's of Magic series has found a perfect pace, as we switched through perspectives I found myself excited to see where we would go as I turned the pages. This is a very well written indie series that will leave you pining for more. I feel as though this one ended quite abruptly, and as we leave our characters in the thick of things, the wait for Fairyland (Summer 2012) will be painstakingly long. I highly recommend picking up these books and giving them a go, you will not be disappointed in the slightest.